Glass Walls & Partitions in Tempe, AZ

At AZ Valley Windows, we are more than a window contractor. We can also install glass walls on your Tempe property. Glass partition walls can add a whole new look and feel to your Tempe property, making it more open and brighter by welcoming in the natural light. If you are considering adding such a wall to your Tempe property, our experts will gladly help you create the look you want by installing the new walls as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Reasons for Glass Walls on Your Tempe Property

There could be several reasons why you decide to have us install glass partition walls on your Tempe property. Perhaps you want a statement piece that adds an interesting flair or you would just like to keep from blocking quite as much natural light as a normal wall might. Whatever your reasons for installing glass walls may be, our experts can help you decide between all the options and possibilities in front of you to make sure you receive the exact look you want for your Tempe property.

Permanent or Retractable Glass Partition Walls in Tempe

One of the features you will have to consider when installing glass partition walls is whether or not you’d like them to be retractable. With retractable walls, you have the option to open up rooms when you would like or even create an open archway between the inside and outside of your Tempe property. If you do decide you want retractable walls on your Tempe property, we will walk you through the rest of the details including the configuration and operation.

Material and Glass Considerations for Tempe’s Glass Walls

As with our services as a window contractor, the materials we use in the construction of glass walls makes a difference in the look, care, and energy efficiency of the walls. Some of the material options include aluminum, contemporary clad, and wood. These are mostly aesthetic when placed exclusively within your Tempe property, but when used for indoor to outdoor purposes, it is good to know the various durability aspects and conductivity of each. Then it is important to consider the type of glass as well. We will gladly help you navigate all the various options and features to make sure your Tempe property looks great and functions properly.

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