Once you become a homeowner, providing the proper maintenance and upgrades that your home needs is critical to the preservation of your investmentRenovations and home improvement projects are also necessary at times to enhance the enjoyment of your living situation.

In older homes, this is especially important. Today’s newer homes are constructed with state-of-the-art materials designed to last much longer and with minimal effort than materials of the past. Among the most important features of the home are the windows, which can affect your home’s appearance, comfort, and overall value. Older or cheaply made window products will eventually require a window replacement in order to improve the look, feel, and energy-efficiency of the home.

In this article, your trusted Phoenix replacement window company will compare the two most common types of advanced, state-of-the-art window product materialsvinyl windows and fiberglass windows— to help you decide which of the two is the best choice for replacing your windows this year.


Vinyl windows are made with extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the base and metal for the framing. Meanwhile, fiberglass windows are made with polyester resins and glass fibers. Compared to vinyl, fiberglass is the more environmentally friendly option because it consists of 60% recycled glass materials.

Color Options

The color options offered for both fiberglass and vinyl windows vary depending on the manufacturer. However, generally, fiberglass windows have a wider range of colors and finishes compared to vinyl windows,mostly due to the fact that they can be painted while vinyl products cannot. 

On the other hand, fiberglass products eventually fade in the sunlight, which will mean that you’ll likely have to have them painted once it happens. In contrast, vinyl will never fade and is designed to stay the exact same vibrant color for as long as you own your window, even when in direct, long-term exposure to sunlight.


Fiberglass is stronger than vinyl and offers better performance and long-term durability.While vinyl windows won’t fade in the sun, they dwear out and lose resiliency faster than other materials, despite their energy-efficiency qualities. Fiberglass is both durable and energy-efficient and is a high-performance material that can withstand changing weather conditions. At the same time, both materials cannot be damaged by rotting,or pests, unlike wood windows.


The two types of windows are easy to clean and maintain. They are made with materials that are resistant against the effects of mold, moss, and mildew. You can easily clean both types of windows by simply using warm water, cleaning solution, and a sponge. Fiberglass will need to be repainted every so often, while vinyl products never fade in color. 


Both types can help reduce your energy costs with their insulating properties. However, fiberglass is considered to be superior in performance due to its lack of a thermal barrier. Because fiberglass windows can expand and contract at lower rates than vinyl, there are smaller gaps and therefore less air leakage as weather changes.


When you get a window replacement, the cost is one of the main factors to take into consideration. One of the most affordable window types on the market today are vinyl windowsFiberglass options are usually more expensive than vinyl (typically, fiberglass will cost 10-30% more to install than vinyl). However, they are less expensive than traditional wood frames and built to last much longer.

Whether your home is older and made with less efficient construction materials, or is simply falling apart due to neglect, it’s important to keep up with renovations to avoid the need to deal with serious repairs down the road

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