Energy-Saving Qualities Your Windows Need

Saving energy in the home is among the top priorities for Phoenix homeowners, especially with the summer heat upon us. Many homeowners have probably heard from window contractors and other home remodelers that one of the best ways to save energy in your home is with replacement windows. These remodelers will tell you about all of the wonderful energy-saving technologies that their windows have and not really give you a reason as to how it helps. Fortunately, we’re here to offer our insights into the energy-saving technologies that modern windows possess and what they protect against.

How Windows Save Your Money

  • Multi-Pane Construction: A big selling point for modern replacement windows is their multi-pane construction. The majority are available, at least as double-pane, with some even offered in triple-pane. The reason multi-pane construction works is because it provides multiple barriers through which heat must transfer before entering or exiting your home. Multi-pane construction is often accompanied by other energy-saving constructs, including insulating gas fills. Multi-pane construction aids in protecting against heat transfer into and out of your home, which can be indicated on the NFRC ratings for U-Facto and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.
  • Insulating Gas Fills: Gas fills, often accompany multi-pane windows and primarily come in two different varieties, Argon and Krypton. Krypton is known to have better insulating qualities due to its higher density. Insulating gases offer protection against heat entering and exiting your home, which directly impacts the ratings of U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient by lowering them.
  • Low-E Glass: Low-E Glass is glass designed to have low-emissivity, meaning that its ability to reemit radiant heat into your home is lower. This drastically cuts down on energy transfer coming from the sun. Furthermore, the Low-E composite film also helps to reduce Visible Transmittance, which aids in the protection of your interior décor from fading.
  • Multi-Chamber Frames: Many vinyl window frames are constructed with multiple chambers to help. These multiple chamber provide an insulating dead space or thermal break within the window frame to cut down on heat transfer and air leakage that could potentially take place through the frame. Multi-Chamber frames use the thermal break within the frame to reduce heat transfer into and out of your home through the window frame. Furthermore, any air leakage that tries to take place in this area is caught in the chamber and becomes the insulating factor.
  • Spacers: Several modern multi-pane windows are equipped with some type of spacer in the frame. This is to keep insulating gas from leaking out of the construction, keep the glass in place, and even improve the condensation rating. There are many types of spacers from which to choose, but one of the most popular at this time is the warm edge spacer.

Trusted Energy Efficient Window Experts

Make sure that you take into account all of these factors when shopping for replacement windows. Another great tip is to keep an eye out for the Blue Energy Star label, which indicates when a window has exceeded government standards for energy efficiency. To learn more about how replacement windows can save your energy and make your home look great, contact AZ Valley Windows today! az-valley-windows17