Replacement Door Comparison: Fiberglass vs. Wood

Entry doors for your Arizona home are extremely important for a couple of reasons: security and curb appeal. Ideally, you would want a door that can enhance both qualities of your home. Two materials typically come to mind when planning   the replacement of your exterior doors. These two materials are wood and fiberglass, both of which are highly popular among homeowners. However, determining which is more advantageous to have can be difficult, which is why we’re here to help you figure that out today!

Fiberglass Doors & Their Advantages

Fiberglass doors are one of the most popular replacement door options available. This is due to their exceptional strength which supports their durability as well. One of the downsides of fiberglass is that it typically cost more upfront. Fortunately, their longevity and low-maintenance qualities make them well worth the investment. In addition to their strength, fiberglass doors can be tailored to simulate the look of real wood so you don’t miss out on that gorgeous aesthetic. Furthermore, they perform better in climates typical in Arizona, meaning there’s far less of a chance that they will warp, crack, or bow in the desert climate.

Wood Doors & Their Performance

Wooden doors carry with them the foundation of tradition as it is one of the most used materials in building. Despite its strong roots in the industry of home remodeling, it’s not without its drawbacks. First of all, wooden doors, like most other wood products will require more maintenance to keep their beautiful appearance. Secondly, wooden doors are susceptible to insect infestation and rotting. Furthermore, wood doors tend to perform less reliably in the Arizona climate.

Considering the Pros & Cons

Now that we’ve examined the pros and cons of wooden and fiberglass doors, we can start determining which is best for your home. Considering the extreme climate found in the region, we believe that fiberglass doors are the better option simply because they hold up better against the dry heat. Additionally, they require far less maintenance and can even bring your home the enhanced curb appeal that a door should. Though we find that fiberglass is better in this particular environment, wood doors do still have appeal because of their traditional beauty. We just advise that if you choose wooden exterior doors, be prepared for heavier maintenance requirements. For more information from our highly experienced door experts, contact us today and schedule a free consultation! entry-doors-phoenix